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Ibru feat Sizzla - Official Animation video

Ibru feat Sizzla "Stop the Violence"

Ibru, (Angelo Smith) is an International Billboard reggae/ dancehall recording artist. His style and lyrics connects with listeners, as he brings a fusion of dancehall and pop hooks to various dancehall rhythms. Ibru‘s music, which is centered on social injustice, has given him a broad fan base, made up of mostly young people that can relate to his messages. He is not apologetic about bringing awareness to, or standing up for, the plight of normal people facing struggles in life. Being an Iraqi War veteran, combined with his humble beginnings growing up in the Bahamas, he’s able to put a unique spin on his music.

His songs are like a guide that takes the listener through the different stages in his life; from simple beginnings to the pinnacle. Last year his internationally acclaimed single “Pinnacle” was featured on the “Tropical House Cruises to Jamaica Deluxe Edition” album released by Amada Records. That project also featured prominent artists like Capleton and Mykal Rose, and was in the top five on the Reggae Billboard Charts.

In August, 2019, The Star, Jamaica’s nationwide newspaper, cited Ibru as the “Bahamian artist ready to take on Jamaica.” When Shereita Grizzle (of The Star) interviewed him, she was impressed by his poise and confidence. She asked him about his high level of confidence taking on the tough Jamaican audience and he said: “I’ve been in the studio, just working, perfecting my craft and just steadying my focus.”

In December of 2019, he released his highly anticipated EP called I’m So Focused”. The six track EP highlights Ibru’s versatility and also has a collaboration with Sizzla Kalonji called “Stop The Violence.” This EP is gaining traction and attracting the attention of reggae and dancehall fans internationally. Ibru’s sing jay style is always punchy and gravitational, drawing in his fans to lock in for the exciting ride.

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