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Mario Evon Debut Album Launch Reggae-Soul Vol. 1: M.E. On Love

Red Bones Blues Café, Kingston, Jamaica.

May 9, 2015 Show Time 9:00 pm

Okay Reggaevibes family, I have been following this artiste for a year now and I am so impressed with what he has to offer. We introduced him to you in February this year and he visited our chat room during Mellow Mondays. People, trust me, this guy is for real … can you guess who I am talking about? Ah … you remember… of course, I am talking about Mario Evon.


His debut album contains 13 tracks and is entitled, Reggae-Soul Vol. 1: M.E. On Love, and if you were in the audience you would also agree that the album could have no other name. Gates were opened at 8:00 pm and show time was scheduled for 9:00 pm. I got there about 9:00 pm and I was worried when I saw all the cars parked on the street. Where would I park? Like a true Jamaican, I am not afraid to park „round the corner, after the corner down the road, and take a little walk to a venue‟. As I entered Red Bones, I was greeted by hostesses dressed in red and black, indicative of the theme and vibe of the album. Seats were reserved for specially invited guests, supporters and sponsors and all the seats were already taken. Patrons and other guests, like myself, were already holding their precious spots on the periphery to ensure they had a good view of the stage … of course, I did the same. Within 15 minutes, emcees Kerie-Ann ‘Kiki’ Lewis and Garth Williams were on stage welcoming us to the show and thanking us for coming out. As they spoke, the backing band for the night, Di Musical Gathering (DMG), started playing and the tone was set.

Even though the night was about Mario and the album, I have to big up the musicians and backup singers who played such an intricate role. DMG consists of Djenne Greaves (Keyboard), Craig Higgins (Bass Guitar), Elisha Ellis (Drums), Miguel Edwards (Electric Guitar), and Stephen Sinclair (Percussions). There were moments when I could only think, “This guitarist yah shot!” My sister always makes funny sounds, which I hate, when she is extremely impressed with or enjoying something … and as much as I hate the

IMG_20150509_213120.jpg 2.jpg

strange utterances, the music was so good, that I felt tempted to say “Scoop scoop!” in true Jamnesia style. Background vocals for the show were provided by Kareen McLean, Carl Scharschmidt and Chad Smart.

As we listened to the warm, ornate melodies belted out from this soulful singer and the music that accompanied it, we were taken on and through a whirlwind of emotions. The performance started with the “Reggae Meets Soul Intro” which was just simply reminding us of feel good reggae and how Jamaican reggae feels with an essence of the legendary Bob Marley‟s spirit in the air. Then, we were plunged heart and spirit first by “Soul Tek” Mario‟s more popular single from the album which describes the joy of meeting someone that your spirit just feels so comfortable and safe around. We also got to learn a little more about Mario himself. As the show progressed, he shared the inspiration for some of the tracks which made each song a more personal experience as we were encouraged to remember that one time when… This medical doctor and musician at heart is more than a triple threat. He sings, he writes, he is a musician, he acts, he produced the songs … he‟s down-to-earth and funny so he could do comedy, and I saw him dancing tonight.

So Family, the album is about all things love: the joy, the passion, the uncertainty, the commitment or lack thereof and hence, the heartache. However, as the show came to a close, I had to agree with Kiki‟s evaluation of the album and the performances, “It feels like Valentine‟s Day in May”. So of course I got my album signed… Valentine‟s Day in June, July, August and September here we come. Thanks to Stush for this lovely photo and lasting memory. Check their webpage ( or Facebook for more photos from the event. Check for some video clips from the show.


Mario Evon (L), Syreeta Kenny - Reggae Vibes Radio (R)

Ladies … I was surely treated tonight. Mario and DMG thanks for a wonderful evening. DJs … we really need to have a sit down with this guy to hear more about his story and his incredible journey to this day or night rather. I liked Soul Tek from the first time I heard the song, the honeymoon has started and I have a new favourite, “Love In Di Mawnin”. Throughout the night, Mario made reference to some of his musical idols and believe you me, I have summed up this singer to be a unique blend of Babyface and R. Kelly of the 90‟s where lyrics, melodies, vocals and charisma are concerned … but what makes his sound really unique, and dare I say better, is the icing on the cake for me … He is Jamaican! So, this is Jamaican R&B, Jamaican Soul, and „a we seh Reggae!!’ Album Launch!

The album goes on sale online on May 12, 2015.

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