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​Gucci London Impressive at Peach Splash 2014

Gucci London Impressive at Peach Splash 2014 Decked out in apparel fit for a king Gucci London embraced the platform at the 2014 Peach Splash festival and turned out yet another great performance.


Definitely Gucci London is Atlanta’s fastest rising dancehall DJ as seen by his presence in numerous events in the area. Dancehall fans in the metro Atlanta area have received a consistent and top class showing from Gucci London at every event. Gucci took the stage and immediately got the attention of the patrons inside Morris Brown Stadium. He kicked off his performance with the popular Blurred line rhythm belting out his popular song “Bruk Out Gyal”. Gucci’s composure on stage showed that he is becoming a more seasoned performer with every appearance. The crowd could not resist rocking to “Bruk Out Gyal” as even those in their chairs were moving to the beat and enjoying the lyrics. He continued his act by treating the crowd to his not new single “Jiggle up Your body”. A song that is getting some airplay in Jamaica on Irie FM.


Again he had the crowd jiggling as he showed how well he can ride a riddim as they would say. Gucci London wrapped up another impressive appearance by performing “Girls Line Up” a song that he recorded with superstar Kenne Blessin. Again the crowd rocked to the riddim and were impressed when the self-proclaimed “Shella” chimed into his portion of the song. Gucci London is quietly creating a mark on dancehall music in Atlanta. As one fan said, she left right after his performance. Fans will get to see Gucci London live again inside club Elegance on the night of the ELE awards on July 13th, 2014.


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