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Jah Vinci Set to Release Debut Album "Ghetto Born" July 22

New York, New York (July 17, 2014). The soulful, heartfelt dancehall/reggae artist Jah Vinci is set to launch his debut album "Ghetto Born". Produced by the acclaimed peoducer Khabir Bonner of Grillaras Productions, known for his recent projects, Lutan Fyah "life of a King" and the Beenie Man single, which debuted on BET in the United States featuring Cecile - "Thug Love". It is evident that "Ghetto Born" has a firm foundation set.

"Ghetto Born" takes listeners through the struggles and subculture of the inner city life. It focuses on the hardships "ghetto youths" face such as crime, violence, and poverty. Yet, despite those hardships a star is born to break those barriers and rise to success. Jah Vinci has always demanded the attention of the music industry with his clear vocals and heartfelt lyrics that resonate with his fans, boosting his career worldwide with hits such as 'Wipe Those Tears," "All I Need, "Mama Love" and "Watch You Friends" since he came on the scene back in 08.

"Ghetto Born" boasts 13 tracks with songs such as "Don of all Dons" featuring Beenie Man, "Unsolved Mystery" featuring Junior Reid, "We Taking Over," "We Nuh Trust Dem," "Rude Boys & Police and more which will captivate listeners with the instrumental support and rhythmic riddims supporting the strong lyrical content Jah Vinci lays down. The title track "Ghetto Born" starts with Jah Vinci pleading for the youths of the ghetto and the daily struggles they face of hunger, crime and homelessness. Accompanied by an acoustic rhythmic tone Jah Vinci's gritty vocals tug at the heart of the listeners and transcends throughout the album.


Jah Vinci also showcases his diversity of dj-ing and lyrical talent on his track titled "Don of All Dons', which features Dancehall King Beenie Man. "Dons of All Dons" feat. Beenie Man is an up-tempo track, which exemplifies the title so many leaders of the ghetto earn, "Don" and becomes a part of the lifestyle of the ghetto.

"Dancehall King" Beenie Man is not the only icon to make an appearance on this album, Junior Reid also makes an appearance with Jah Vinci on track titled "Penitentiary", which is sure to burn up the charts. Adding to the foundation for this debut album are Tariq "Nashi" Smith & Xavier "Bless X" Prendergast for KAMAUMUSIC along with Zojak World Wide as co label/distributor.


1. Ghetto Born

2. Call on Jah

3. We Nu Trust Dem

4. Don of All Dons feat Beenie Man

5. Jah A Guide We

6. Darling

7. Stronger

8. Penitentiary feat. Junior Reid

9. We Taking Over

10. Jah Throne

11. Rude Boys and Police

12. The Conquering Lion

13. New Endings


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