DJ Kevin - The Engineer


Kevin Lewis a.k.a. "D.J. Kevin -The Engineer," "Engineer" Kevin" or just "The Engineer" was born in Jamaica, W.I. and migrated to the U.S. in 1977. The Lewis family settled in Queens, N.Y. It is in this borough of New York City that Kevin received his formal education, and developed his passion for music and sound engineering. Kevin’s very strong relationship with his parents, inevitably determined that he would follow in his father's footsteps, that of becoming an entrepreneur at an early age. He soon took control of his father's sound system & DJ business (originally known as "Vernon Hi-Power"-named after his dad Vernon Lewis). Through his father's coaching, as well as much influence from his peers, during his teens Kevin became one of Queens most regularly booked DJ's with a reputation for versatility and "clean" sound system quality.


Kevin's career in professional (audio) sound engineering began in 1997 when he began an internship at Mirror Image Recorders. Mirror Image Recorders is a Class A recording studio formerly located in midtown Manhattan (NYC). After 1 month of being an unpaid intern, Kevin withdrew from his studies at Five Towns College (where he majored in Business Management and Audio Recording Technology) to become a full-time employee at Mirror, advancing to become an Assistant Engineer and eventually "heading up" his own recording sessions as an Independent Engineer. Kevin eventually pioneered his own company "Konscious Music" (originally named "Ultrasonic Entertainment") and worked for major record labels such as Def Jam and Sony as well as independent companies such as Daisy Age (De La Soul) and Hightower Productions (owned and operated by his good friend and engineering mentor Troy Hightower).


Since the late 90's Kevin has worked with Hightower productions on various projects and continued a partnership that landed them in the realm of Live Sound Reinforcement. It was during this time that Kevin began to develop his skills as a Live Sound Engineer. He also began to offer his services to various other clients including DJ's & mobile sound system owners. Having knowledge of Kevin's professional background & appreciation for his good work, one of his clients & good friend (our very own) DJ Marlon (Nitty Phonic) gave him the nickname "Engineer" and would announce "The Engineer is in the building" upon Kevin's entrance to a venue. The name glue!


The "Engineer" made his radio debut on in January of 2013. Representing for "Vernon Legacy Sound" (paying homage to the man who started it all) on "The Musical Mixdown Radio Show," Kevin continues to show his versatility, his love and passion for the music, and the music business, as well as his respect for talented artists.