DJ Redds


DJ Redds was born in St. Ann, Jamaica and moved to Brooklyn, NYC at the tender age of 5. For as long as he can remember, he has always had a strong passion for music and this passion grew even more at Erasmus Hall, where he majored in music. There he also learned to play the tenor saxophone and became a member of several music clubs. His years at Erasmus Hall only fueled his love of music and this became evident after graduation.


One day while sitting around, he, his older brother Harry, cousins Mike, Patrick, Dee, Natty and Earl, along with best friends Super C and Byron, decided to create a small promotion/DJ group in order to host some parties for fun as well as generating extra cash. This was the birth of The Original Spectrum Disco. They quickly became one of Brooklyn’s top dancehall sound systems. Fans came from afar to hear DJ Redds on the sound alongside the best mic man Super C. The ultimate dynamic duo, they were fearless in their clashing of other sounds and played an important part in putting Spectrum at the top of the Brooklyn party scene.


Spectrum was one of the few sound systems to play in dancehall clubs like Biltmore, Flamingo, Starlight, Woodbine, and Summit Carribean Dome, to name a few. Spectrum fever also crossed over to night clubs such Q-club, Act 3, Legend, Illusion, Village Hut, and Elite Ark.Dj Redds’ love for music has also spread to broadcasting, radio to be exact. He has been featured on numerous radio stations with a weekly show on 105.9 The Ecstasy Ride as well as being s special guest on NYC Hot 97 and 107.5 WBLS, to name a few.


In 2007, the highly esteemed DJ move to ATL with the idea of trading his mixes for a career in logistics. Everything was going as planned until May of 2012 when his cousin Mikey visited ATl to play for a party. While in ATL, Mikey was asked to do an interview on Reggae Vibes Radio by DJ Marlon, one of its owners. Mikey asked Redds to accompany him to the interview, introducing him to Marlon and Gucci, a meeting that was the beginning of a great friendship and partnership amongs all involved. Shortly after, Anything Goes Saturdays with DJ Redds premiered on Reggae VIbes Radio, reawakening for Redds his lifelong love for music. With DJ Redds out of retirement, he exploded back onto the music scene doing park shows, parties, and other events. He soon caught the eye of the management of one of ATL hottest Reggae clubs, Vibes Nite Club, and was hired on as one of their resident DJs. You can still catch him on Reggae Vibes Radio every Saturday from 4-8 as well as Xclusive Radio from 6-8. Anything Goes Saturdays is sponsored weekly by The T-Shirt Lady.


Spectrum lives on and and is hotter than ever. It is represented by Chucky in Texas, Mikey in Virginia, Super C in NYC, and Redds in the ATL.





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