DJ Ezzy B



“The Caribbean Flavor” every Wednesday6-8pm ET

“Sound Xplosion Saturday” every Saturday 10am-1pm ET

“Groovy Sunday” every Sunday 4-7pm ET


Ezron Benjamin a.k.a. DJ Ezzy B was born and raised in Grenada, West Indies. With a burning passion for music, he began his career as a disc jockey after moving to Brooklyn, New York. Possessing a humble, but yet an aggressive and persistent desire to become successful he continues to provide an untouchable and an unbeatable DJ service for many occasions. With over 10 years of experience, DJ Ezzy B skillfully combines multiple genres of music without missing a beat. With his wealth of knowledge, genuine personality and diversity in the music industry, he effortlessly captures the attention of a wide audience while his smooth mixes keep the crowd moving.DJ Ezzy B is the founder of Sound Xplosion Entertainment.


He is best known for his professionalism, versatility, dependable and reliable service. Ezzy was previously a radio jock at WWWE Radio 1100AM and hosted Caribbean Focus TV in Atlanta, Georgia which aired on the Xfinity/Comcast Network. For more info about the show, log on to .


As he continues to strive for excellence and success Ezzy currently holds the position of “Director of Production” on Power 102.1FM – The Bridge of Diversity.He also does three (3) radio shows: “The Caribbean Flavor” every Wednesday 8-10pm ET, “Sound Xplosion Saturday” every Saturday 10am-1pm ET and “Groovy Sunday” every Sunday 4-7pm ET on Power 102.1FM, and info:Phone: 404-910-4589Email: djezzyb@yahoo.comWebsite: / twitter @djezzyb_atl / Linkedin @ djezzyb