About Reggae Vibes Radio

In October 2011 Reggae Vibes Radio was founded to serve as a conduit for upcoming reggae artistes to showcase their skills and talents. The founders of Reggae Vibes Radio, Mr. Marlon Folkes aka Nitty Phonic and Kesnoaal Bennett aka Gucci London wanted to have a focus on the Atlanta and New York dancehall, reggae and soca party scene. It was also their intention to provide a means of networking for Caribbean listeners the world over.


Reggae Vibes Radio was launched on a platform of promotional ventures such as Reggae Vibes Wednesdays at International Bar and Grill, Lithonia GA and Reggae Vibes Thursdays at Scores Camp Creek Atlanta. The station has grown tremendously as a presence in the community. In 2013 they were part of a joint live broadcast from the Atlanta Caribbean Festival, and also broadcasted live from the Caribbean American Cultural Festival in Mcdonough Square Atlanta. Reggae Vibes Radio also is also very strongly committed to giving back to the community at every opportunity it receives.


Several artists have had promotional exposure with the station. Some of these artists include Kashief Lindo, Anthony Malvo, Pressure Buss Pipe and Aria Morgan to name a few. Scores of others have either been interviewed or had their music featured.


Reggae Vibes Radio has a very great talent base of deejays and hosts. These hosts are collectively skilled and talented at what they do and are internationally recognized. In their own unique way each host captivates their audience with freshness and a difference that keeps listeners locked in to Reggaevibesradio.com.


Our audience consists of every age group. From teeny boppers to the grown and sexy, RVR offers something for everyone. Our programming is varied and very entertaining. Currently our listener base is very global. Reggae Vibes Radio currently enjoys a strong audience in London and Manchester in the UK, Nokia and Tokyo in Japan, Kingston Jamaica and within the USA has a strong presence in New York, Atlanta, Washington, Baltimore and the Miami Ft Lauderdale area. If you are an advertiser we are excellently positioned to advertise both locally and international businesses whether it be a product or a service. Please email us at info@reggaevibesradio.com for more information.


Reggae Vibes Radio is thrilled to have you visit our website. Please browse through the different pages to learn more about our station and also your hosts. As Reggaevibesradio.com continues to grow, it is our desire to keep you as part of the greatest network of music fans and entertainers anywhere in the world. Remember don’t touch that mouse unless it is to browse more of Reggaevibesradio.com. Please continue to enjoy your experience.